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Bruce Kirkpatrick is a contemporary author of fiction and non-fiction stories.
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The Hug of Love

Hugging Jesus

When Jesus greets you in heaven, what’s the hug going to be like?

Because you know he won’t shake your hand, give you a high five, or even try a man-hug. That’s when men grab each other’s right hand, pull together, and half hug with the left arm.

Nope, not his style.

I’m thinking big old bear hug.

You might be a little hesitant at first, anticipating the embrace. You could be thinking of all the times you could have done better in his name. But Jesus doesn’t work that way. Remember, he’s forgiven you for all that. Every time, for all time. He loves you, always has. And it’s reunion time.

I bet he won’t let go right away either. He’ll keep hugging you until you relax, until you melt into it. Until you begin to understand that you’re home. Right where you should be, where you were meant to be—even if you lost sight of it at times.

I imagine he’ll whisper something into your ear as you hug. Not an impersonal “well done good and faithful servant”. No, something special, for your ears only.

Maybe he’ll say something like: “That pain you’ve had—that one—in your heart, over that broken relationship? It’s gone forever. Mended, healed.”

Maybe: “That wrong you suffered—that injustice—I’ve made it right. It will never haunt you again. It’s gone.”

Or: “I remember that time…yes, that one…you represented me so well right then. Let’s talk about that more, okay? What’s tomorrow look like for you? Oh wait, the feast begins tomorrow for you. We’d better schedule something for next month.”

Or maybe: “The plans I have for you now! Listen…this is what we’ll be doing here in heaven, you and me….”

I know for me, when I hear the sound of his voice and feel the love in his hug, I’ll start to cry. And laugh—at the same time. You know, that crying, laughing thing when we’re so happy, you just have to let it out.

I’ve felt a touch of that feeling a few times in my life. On my wedding day, when she was walking down the aisle and all looked bright and beautiful for an amazing life ahead of us. And the time I spoke with my son the hour after my granddaughter was born and we shared the love, anticipation and joy that little girls bring to families. Laughing and crying.

That Jesus hug will convey so much. The feeling of relief—no more sorrow, no more pain of any kind, no doubt, no disbelief. Of hope—like all the hopes you’ve ever had and all the ones you’ve been too afraid to even dream about—all now flooding back to you. The feeling of restoration—of all things re-captured and renewed—new body, new youth, new skin, new outlook, new life. The hug of love, like a love you’ve only dreamed of or read about but never experienced here on this Earth.

Like no other hug you’ve ever felt before.

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