I Need Your Help...with Abortion! - Bruce Kirkpatrick
Bruce Kirkpatrick is a contemporary author of fiction and non-fiction stories.
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I Need Your Help…with Abortion!

I need your help with my next book.

That novel (working title: Anything But Love) will focus on a woman and a man on different sides of the political spectrum. One will be running for office (I think the woman; I think for President of the US) and the other will be an advisor. Much of the book will center on the two of them, along with a cast of characters, discussing the issues and listening to the American people as they develop her campaign and her views.

That’s where YOU come in. I want you to play the part of the America people. I need your views.

Here are the issues, but I’m open to adding others.

  • Abortion
  • Climate change
  • Taxes
  • Gun control
  • Immigration
  • International relations

The first issue is ABORTION.

  • Are you pro-choice or pro-life and WHY? (The WHY is the important part).
  • What’s missing in the current discussion? What don’t people talk about regarding this issue?
  • What’s good about the opposing viewpoint from yours (pro-choice or pro-life) and what’s missing from that viewpoint?

You can write me a paragraph or a page. Just reply to this email. I will never use your name in anything I write. I reserve the right to use ALL or NONE or a LITTLE BIT of what you express. Keep a copy of the email and when the book comes out, see if your views are in there.

Don’t make me write this book all by myself! That’s scary. Terrifying even.

NEW Book Cover
I updated the book cover for The Resurrection of Johnny Roe, mostly for better readability online.

“This book was so interesting, and the plot moved so well that I finished it in a day and a half. It checks all the boxes: mystery, romance, good guys vs. bad guys, and a teensie bit of spirituality mixed in.”
Jane D., reviewer on Amazon

If you haven’t read this wholesome love story, you can order a digital or paperback copy here.

New Music
If you like mellow country crooners, check out:

  • Conor Oberst (an 80’s pop vibe, catchy; not much “country” about him)
  • Colter Wall (a little bit Waylon, some Johnny Cash, down low and craggy)
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