I need your help with...IMMIGRATION. - Bruce Kirkpatrick
Bruce Kirkpatrick is a contemporary author of fiction and non-fiction stories.
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I need your help with…IMMIGRATION.

Last month, as research for a novel I’m writing, I asked for your opinions and ideas about ABORTION. In snippets, here are a few replies:

  • People do not talk about how excruciating it can be for women to make this choice when they want the child, how horrific it is to be told that their lives do not matter only the unborn child, and how terrifying it is to be bound to a partner that is physically or sexually assaulting them for the next 18+ years.
  • The abortion gave her the chance to have a meaningful life rather than a life that at the time did not seem to hold much promise.
  • My job is to love.  He (God) will do the judging when judging needs to be done.
  • One important thing we should discuss more is that from a female perspective, should legislators be able to say a woman cannot have an abortion but there are no restrictions on males and their anatomy.
  • In some cases, women are performing self-inflicted abortions with dire consequences.
  • I regularly receive membership requests from Planned Parenthood—not sure how I got on their list—I always send their addressed envelopes back to them to tell them I’m in favor the baby boys and baby girls.
  • In a lot of countries, water and food is in short supply. Perhaps cutting back on the number of births would be beneficial for both us and our planet.
  • In the old days, parents just abandoned unwanted children, taking them into the dessert to die, like throwing them away. Isn’t controlled abortion better?

There is still time to reply to this question. And be sure to include PERSONAL STORIES, as some did above. That’s so powerful. If you’d rather talk on the phone, just email me ([email protected]) to set up a time.

Here’s the next issue—immigration.

  • Open borders vs. closed borders
  • Beefed up border wall? More border patrol?
  • Asylum? Amnesty?
  • Uphold current laws? Amend the laws?
  • Special laws for certain people or countries?

Send your ideas and opinions as a REPLY to this email. Include personal stories if you have one. Arrange a time to talk to me if you’d prefer.

You cannot see the power of this book yet, but I’m getting a vision. It’s coming together in my mind and my notebook. It’s still gobbled and murky, but I can see the nuggets in the mishmash. Thanks for you input—it’s invaluable!

Phrase Origin

I love to research the origin of phrases in the English language. Here’s one for “Scotch tape”.

The name “Scotch tape” was inspired by an early version of masking tape, which had adhesive only on the edges, causing one auto painter to ask why Drew (the inventor) was so “Scotch” — a slang term for “cheap”. Scotch tape debuted in 1930, right at the start of the Great Depression, and as more and more households had to be thrifty and resourceful to survive, the product came along right in the nick of time. People used Scotch tape for everything from mending clothing to capping milk bottles — and even repairing cracked eggs.

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