The Carnival Chemist and Other Stories - Bruce Kirkpatrick
Bruce Kirkpatrick is a contemporary author of fiction and non-fiction stories.
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The Carnival Chemist Book

About This Project

The Carnival Chemist offers a powerful collection of stories taken from everyday life and features people who could be your family and friends—or you. Strong, but troubled characters face a range of life and death challenges as they struggle to clarify their beliefs and survive:

  • Intertwined lives careening off course.
  • People in broken relationships clinging to lifelines of hope.
  • Unique and sometimes startling human—and divine—connections searching for honesty and enlightenment.


Readers will lose themselves in familiar themes of adults caught in traps of their own making as they look for escape routes and discover that love can outweigh and outlast everything.


Get a glimpse of unforgettable historical heroes, like Jesus and Lazarus, like you’ve never imagined them before. And the magically adorned Carnival Chemist mixes potions of wisdom and hope for heart-warming and life-changing solutions.


Includes extensive discussion questions and exercises.

This book is available on Amazon.


This book is available on Barnes & Noble.


Kirkpatrick’s characters have tough conversations about real life issues that we all face:  selfishness, trust, doubt, belief, betrayal, disappointment, forgiveness, and love. The stories are thought-provoking, modern day parables if you will, about how the choices we make impact our relationships.  In spite of the challenges of everyday life, there is real hope through faith and understanding the spiritual gifts that each of us have.”  John W.

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