The Resurrection of Johnny Roe - Bruce Kirkpatrick
Bruce Kirkpatrick is a contemporary author of fiction and non-fiction stories.
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The Resurrection of Johnny Roe

About This Project

A love story from a man’s point of view. After tragedy, Johnny Roe escapes to a small town in Iowa where he searches for a new identity. Can Johnny purge the darkness of grief and despair and find new purpose in life? Can a budding romance survive his anger and reluctance to start to love again? Or will the failing robotics company he becomes entangled in, surrounded by dishonesty and deceit, destroy everything in its path? Action, intrigue and romance set in San Francisco and Booneville, Iowa.


“I enjoyed Johnny’s journey, both the physical journey as well as the  emotional journey. The story is fast paced and has some twists and turns that make it unpredictable. It is a nice mixture of big city and rural country life and characters.  The people Johnny meets along the way are very believable.”  Bill K.

This book is available on Amazon.


This book is also available at your local bookstore! Just ask them to order it.

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